Hard Surface Floor Care - Hardwood, Laminate and Concrete Floors

Our staff members are highly trained professionals in all aspects of cleaning hardwood, laminate and concreate floors. Our floor buffing process begins with us sweeping and dusting your floor to remove any loose dirt and dust. After the floor has been swept, if necessary, we mop the floor and allow it to dry before buffing. The floor buffing process has a few steps:

  1. We choose a correct pad and cleaning solution for the buffing machine based on the type of floor that your business has. There’s a difference between linoleum, hardwood, and tile floors. We choose the cleaning solution and pad that’s ideal for your floors.
  2. We apply a mixture of the cleaning solution and water liberally on the floor and begin cleaning the floor by moving the machine up and down in rows. Once the entire floor has been treated, we repeat the process as necessary on any remaining areas of the floor that still need extra treatment.
  3. Cleaning pads are changed when they become dirty or worn out.
  4. The floor is dusted and mopped again after the floor is buffed to remove any dirty solution that was left on the floor. If necessary, a wet vacuum is used to clean up the dirty cleaning solution when extra amounts of it were used on the floors.
  5. If requested, a polishing pad is attached to the machine to create a very bright shine on the floor.
  6. Finally, if the client desires, wax can be stripped and re-applied. Floor wax is pretty durable and doesn’t need to be removed and reapplied every time the floor is buffed. Depending on the amount of traffic the floor endures, the normal timeframe for wax stripping is six months to one year.

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