Stubbs Inc. Privacy Policy
Stubbs Inc. is commited to enhancing the security of its customers and coworkers by integrating the best practices of public and private policy. A critical component of a comprehensive security plan is the use of closed circuit television (CCTV) and web cameras. Video surveillance for security purposes will be conducted in a professional, ethical and legal manner.

Stubbs Inc. is also obligated both by company policy and by law to maintain the privacy of each coworker's protected health information (PHI). Stubbs Inc. will appropriately safeguard and limit the use and disclosure of any of your protected health information that we may receive either from you or from any outside source. The information is available only on a "needs to know" basis and will be utilized only as needed to perform our administrative fuctions.

Website Privacy Policy
Email, and Search Specific Terms and Conditions
Stubbs Inc. considers email transmitted via our service to be private correspondence between the sender and recipient. Therefore, we will not monitor, edit or disclose the contents of your private communications. Content posted to public community areas is publicly available, and Stubbs Inc. reserves the right to remove any publicly posted content that it deems to be objectionable.

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 Carpet Cleaning / Upholstery
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