Stubbs Cleaning Services provides professional
Coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning services to

prevent infection and remediation services to curb infection.

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The worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has people scrambling to protect themselves, their homes and businesses from potential contamination or remediate if necessary. Stubbs Cleaning Services provides Coronavirus disinfection and remediation services at the highest professional standards possible. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional services to you.  We understand the health and safety of you, your family and your employees are on the line.

Disinfecting Coronavirus:

·       We adhere to all OSHA regulations and strictly follow the most state-of-the-art industry procedures when it comes to disease cleanup and disinfection

·       We are regularly consulting with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for up-to-date solutions and approved and registered disinfectants

·       We use CDC approved and EPA registered industrial strength disinfectants with a broad spectrum kill claim

·       All materials are cleaned and disinfected and all infected materials are properly disposed of as biohazard waste

·       Full personal protective equipment (PPE) and full-face respirator masks are worn at all times by our technicians

·       We adhere to a stringent Coronavirus demobilization process for our equipment, supplies and trucks.

Taking precautions to stop the spread or the
remediation of COVID-19 is serious.

Do not delay and risk the health and safety
of yourself, your family, or your staff.

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